Helpful Links

The Walt Disney Wold community is a vast network of fellow enthusiasts that put their expertise to good use – helping fellow travelers get the most out of their Walt Disney World vacation.

Here are a few websites I check out often:

WDW Prep School : This website is operated by Shannon Albert, and it is populated with countless tips, charts and organizational tools designed to take the stress out of planning a Walt Disney World vacation. She also has a podcast, WDW Prep-to-Go, with a new episode each Sunday.

Mouse World Radio : This website plays music from the parks all day, every day.

WDW Radio: Your Information Station : This site is run by Lou Mongello, and the best aspect of it is the WDW Radio podcast, that I listen too way too much. It delves into Top 10 lists, DSI (Disney Scene Investigation) looks at various rides, historical trips though the parks, and the hidden gems of Walt Disney World. One of my favourite Disney destinations on the web!

Touring Plans : Requires a subscription to access most of the site, but allows you to check out crowd calendars and crowd predictions, and something really cool – room-by-room photos of every single hotel room on site. It also hosts the excellent Touring Plans podcast featuring Len Testa and Jim Hill, and they delve deep into Disney Parks history (which I’m a total nerd for).

2 Men and the Mouse : Very fun podcast featuring two life-long Disney lovers (and Muppet enthusiasts).


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