My favourite place in the world is The World – Walt Disney World, that is. My first trip was in 1994 as a kid – after 2 days at Universal Studios, we headed to Disney’s MGM Studios for a day of Tower of Terror, the original Star Tours and the Indiana Jones stunt show. I kept those park maps for years afterwards, pouring over them frequently and dreaming about going back.

Well, it was almost two decades before I went back to Walt Disney World. In January 2013, my wife and I flew down from Southern Ontario and couldn’t resist planning our next vacation to central Florida once we returned. In September 2013, Walt Disney World was the crown jewel of our 16-day road-trip to Orlando.

I’m no expert, but I’ve certainly learned enough about planning a Walt Disney World trip, and enough about the history and lore and mythology of WDW to make this wonderful place a daily part of my life – be it through podcasts, blogs and following news. I invite you to take your time, peruse this site and read some stories. If you’re planning a trip, I hope you will consider this site a part of your planning program. I have linked to many useful websites that I have used to plan my own trips, and find them indispensable.

Remember, it was all started by a mouse.

If you have any questions or comments, please make sure to drop me a line at wdwstorybook@gmail.com

*Please note that I am not professionally affiliated with Walt Disney World or the Disney Company in any way. I am simply a fan.

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*Second note – all photos used on this website were taken by me, with my own camera, and I own the copyright to them. Thank you in advance for not using them without my permission.


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